State-of-the art technology enables us at AJRI to identify your problem with precision, decide the right solution with expertise and execute the procedure with accuracy. These include technology for investigation & diagnosis, pre-surgical planning, actual surgical procedure, post operative care, Ultrasonicator for microbiology apart from digital archiving of patient records and many more.

Investigative & Diagnostic Technologies

State -of -the art CT, PET imaging systems and MRI diagnosis equipment enable the surgeons to have a broader view of the patient scenario. Also high-tech operating rooms aid in providing optimum care to the patients

Technologies for pre-surgical planning

Innovations like finite 3D modelling with 3D printer lets us rehearse the surgical process even before it is done. It is especially beneficial for a surgeon to have a full 3D model of the bone because it aids him to have better precision and a better outcome

Technologies for fine-tuning surgeries/procedures

We make use of technology like Robotic surgeries and Intra operative computer aided surgeries to maximize the precision and to minimize human intervention. 3D technology comes to our aid in building patient specific tooling and eliminates the need for drilling

Human-centric tech for better post-operative care

Well-equipped rehab labs and GAIT labs empower us to deliver better post -operative care that is truly patient-centric. The GAIT lab is a technological marvel, a huge research and clinical tool designed to study the walking pattern by monitoring muscle movement with the help of digital technology and sensors.

We have an in-house prosthetics technician who designs tailor –made Orthotics & prosthetics aids like custom footwear for diabetics and braces for patients with torn ligaments

Micro-biology for better & accurate patient care

Technology like the Ultrasonicator empowers faster treatment, by increasing the yield of micro-organisms (antibiotics) by over 70%.

Digital archiving of patient records

All patient data are digitally archived for future references. It becomes essential as joint replacement is not a one-time event but the beginning of a life-long relationship with your doctor. So this data becomes crucial for future planning and emergencies.

AJRI Innovations

We were able to successfully develop a low cost, CT guided Hip targeting tool. Many more under development, keeping the patients and their needs as the focal point.