The AJRI way- Fully Functional Joints for a fully functional Life

Why AJRI? That is a good question to ask. Because it is the exact question we asked ourselves. The need is to build an environment that is patient centric. As a group of joint and orthopaedic specialists, we felt that the entire field needed to step into a new age

Who makes the Group?

At AJRI we are very clear about the specialists we want to invite to form the core of our Group Practice. They should be people whose motivation is to constantly explore and improve the standards of joint reconstruction and orthopaedics. The AJRI Group includes doctors and surgeons who hold patents for technology in joint procedures, contributors to world research and members of knowledge consortiums, all of them contributing to the next leaps in joint reconstruction. We want the best in the field to inspire each other and in the process inspire confidence in patients, so that they know an independent full life is theirs to have

Group Consultation

Two heads are always better than one. Keeping this philosophy in mind, at AJRI we practice Group Consultation. So, the patient does not get to consult one doctor, but four. It generates significantly better results when the best sub-specialists in the field work together, pool in their experience and effort as a single group. The patient gets the power of collective care and we can build the right solution for each case by bringing all specialist views on a single table. The entire team can then support the focussed specialist for the case


What makes AJRI stand out from the regular joint care hospital is our team of highly skilled sub-specialists in the field of joint care, each one specializing in a particular niche area of expertise. This empowers us to look at your specific problem with a range of solutions available. Which one is right for you is decided with precision, by the right specialist. The outcomes are therefore far more optimal and the healing is for the long term

Multi-speciality Care

AJRI is housed within SIMS – SRM Institutes for Medical Science in Chennai. SIMS is made of 9 Speciality Institutes and 19 Departments focussing on various specialities and sub-specialities need to offer a healthy life to people. An eco-system has now been created where AJRI operates within the multi-speciality spectrum of SIMS. This enables every patient to get any needed support or intervention in multiple disciplines like Cardiology, Renal, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Imaging services, Microbiology, Pathology and Rehabilitation to just name a few.

Technological Advantage

State-of-the art technology enables us at AJRI to identify your problem with precision, decide the right solution with expertise and execute the procedure with accuracy. These include technology for investigation & diagnosis, pre-surgical planning, actual surgical procedure, post operative care, Ultrasonicator for microbiology apart from digital archiving of patient records

Customised Solutions

At AJRI, we are always on the lookout for alternative/better options to deliver optimised results for the patients. So, if you come into AJRI with an issue, you will not be immediately recommended a surgery. Again, not every patient is going to be recommended a replacement. Every option is carefully considered and solutions / treatments offered suitably.

Wide Range of Treatments

At AJRI there are specialists and sub-specialists. Hence, a wide range of solutions is offered. The approach is to offer the best quality of life to every patient. The solutions include joint preserving options like focal cartilage transplants to arthroscopic procedures, from corrective osteotomy to revision surgeries. The six pillars of Joint Reconstruction at AJRI:

  • Joint Preserving / Biological Reconstruction
  • Conservative / Resurfacing surgeries
  • Joint Replacement solution.
  • Joint Realignment solutions.
  • Key Hole Arthroscopic procedures.
  • Non-surgical solutions.
Painless Solutions

At AJRI, we’ve adopted a humanistic approach to make surgical procedures as painless as possible. To this end, we’ve employed the services of various professionals like anaesthetists to medical counsellors. In normal cases, a patient is supposed to be able to stand up on the evening of the surgery and a trained rehab team makes sure this happens for every patient.

Support Services

At AJRI, we’ve created a complete healthcare eco-system wherein members of other teams participate in finding better solutions for musculoskeletal problems. Eg. A radiologist specialises in Orthopedics by understanding the musculoskeletal needs, signs and symptoms to deliver better radiology solutions. Or a micro-biologist specialises in understanding the infections caused in replaced joints to prescribe the best anti-biotics.

This practice begins with the Pre-habilitation group where the therapist sits down and chats with the patient. Then an Anaesthetist takes care of pain management with the right medication and dosage followed by the Radiologist who provides the surgeons with a diagnosis / assessment/ hypothesis based on the MRI/CT he performed. And finally the Physiotherapy and rehab professionals manage the post operative care.

Green Line Concept

We categorize every patient walking into the hospital as web appointments, new patients, follow-up patients, awaiting admissions, emergencies and casual visitors. A patient-centric approach is followed at AJRI where each patient is given a detailed counselling before and after the procedure. Called the Green line concept, our doctors strive to provide all the care and attention to all the patients, alleviating the feeling of being neglected. We’ve already put into a practice an ecosystem where a group of counsellors, doctors and other support team work in harmony to make this happen. Also we’ve made it a point to do post surgical care online where doctors can perform examinations through the web. We expect this practice would cut down the inconvenience and pain of patients by a considerable amount