About Us

At AJRI there are specialists and sub-specialists. Hence, a wide range of solutions is offered. The approach is to offer the best quality of life to every patient. The solutions include joint preserving options like focal cartilage transplants to arthroscopic procedures, from corrective osteotomy to revision surgeries.

AJRI Vision

To dedicate ourselves to pioneering improvement in joint reconstruction, relentlessly pursue progress, and become the global benchmark of clinical excellence

AJRI Mission

To dramatically improve the lives of arthritis patients and those suffering from joint related problems, with evidence based, best possible solutions and care that are outcome oriented, yet keeping them affordable

AJRI Core Values
  • Put into practice an institutional approach for the comprehensive care of joint problems.
  • Build a state-of-the-art patient centric environment
  • Set a global benchmark in standards of clinical care and outcomes.
  • Accommodate tailor-made treatment strategies for each patient.
  • Ensure transparency in all channels of communication.
  • Demonstrate thought leadership through innovation.
  • Cultivate a positive work culture benefitting all the stakeholders.
  • Emphasize on Group Practice-coordination among services to effect holistic healing.
  • Facilitate better exchange of knowledge among the medical community.
  • Value added services and human-centric practices to ensure optimum patient through Green Line concept.