Deltamotion Hip

Traditional THR is characterised by 3 important disadvantages:
  • The relatively small sized head makes it prone for dislocation.
  • The polyethylene articulation wears out rapidly in younger active patients necessitating revision surgery.
  • Conventional stem design makes revision surgery very difficult.
The Deltamotion eliminates these 3 weak links by providing
  • Incrementally large head proportioned to the native size allowing near normal activity postoperatively. This is made technically possible by a factory fitted component.
  • Deltaceramic on deltaceramic articulation which shows unrivalled longevity amongst bearings.
  • Bone friendly stems which makes revision surgery (if required) very easy to do.

AJRI surgeons have developed the surgical technique for Deltamotion implantation.

Asia's largest experience of the revolutionary Deltamotion hip.